What's your carbon price?

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Spotlight Report

The Climate Institute has prepared a Spotlight Report summarizing the key findings from the CSIRO-AECOM study, which can be downloaded here. A Summary Snapshot can also be downloaded here.


This online tool and the above materials are based primarily on independent analysis undertaken by CSIRO and AECOM. This research was commissioned by The Climate Institute, with advice and input from CHOICE and ACOSS.

The full report can be downloaded here
A summary report can be downloaded here

Support for households

The Government has estimated that nine out ten Australian households will receive financial assistance through the carbon price reforms. This assistance will be delivered through a mix of tax cuts and increased benefit payments. Exactly how much assistance your household will receive depends on your specific circumstances, including your income level and the number of dependent children. For a more detailed estimate of the level of assistance you will receive, visit cleanenergyfuture.gov.au.

Energy saving measures

There are plenty of things you can do around the house to cut energy costs and do your bit to reduce carbon pollution. Further information is available from The Climate Institute and CHOICE.

The energy efficiency data in the tool and within the other materials is derived from analysis prepared for the Clean Energy Council by the Sustainability Advice Team and Pitt&Sherry. A technical note detailing all assumptions is available here.

For more information on climate change and the carbon price visit climateinstitute.org.au